Defenceforumindia – Yes you dribblejaws – baby herbal soup is a hoax

What or who, or when or where or why and and how is Defenceforumindia?

DFI – sounds official?

I am not entirely sure and I’m not entirely sure I want to know.

But I do want to know when the next baby herbal soup fucknuckle fizzpop goes off.

And, yep, this is it.

Click for clear copy

Unfortunately, this is a new baby herbal soup thread that repeats the slanders.

The screen grap is a bit blurred, but basically it challenges Ethical Martini to be as reliable as a source on this story as the Epoch Times

Well, I think I might actually stack up to this.

I do not think that this ‘story’ from the Epoch Times is true.

It has all the hallmarks of an urban myth, exactly as described in previous posts from me and many other myth debunking websites.

When you search this story the same ridiculous and unsubstantiated tales come forward.


It is sadly not surprising that this meme filters through all sorts of racist lenses.

The top results for this racist hate crime blood libel are

1. Seoul Times – which is a discredited and filthy site of baseless lies and junk

2. the Epoch Times ‘article’ from 2007 that is allegedly sourced to ‘Next’ magazine.

Next magazine is dead, done, finished, an ‘ex-parrot’

It is not real.

All I can say is:

“Stop it, your are blind already to the most poisonous of Orientalist twists.

I have also seen a recent thread on a Dutch chatboard that repeats this story – again sourced from the Seoul Times. Thankfully someone intervened early to point out that this is  a slanderous lie.

click for full size

I have challenged the Seoul Times on numerous occasions to take down its bullshit, but the editor is a dick.

I will no longer link to the Seoul Times thread on this issue, it deserves to be choked of oxygen and I won’t breathe life into the sick fucks who keep it going.

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    Defenceforumindia – Yes you dribblejaws – baby herbal soup is a hoax | Ethical Martini

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