Zaky Mallah, bluster and bullshit from the PM and his #Newscorpse drones

Don't apologise to me, unless it's for your craven backflip

Don’t apologise to me, unless it’s for your craven backflip

Seriously, what is the fucking fuss?

A fomer jihadi wannabe, who says he now hates ISIS, goes on one late night talk show and confronts a Liberal politician who is desperately trying to keep his head in the sand and “La, La, La” his way to the next election.

Liberal MP Steve Ciobo would rather be on television  shouting “Look over there, a #TERRORISMs” instead of confronting difficult questions about the disasterous policy porridge that his Dear Leader is foisting on the country.

But, an outrage such as a Minister being confronted by a young articulate Muslim asking embarrassing questions cannot go unpunished.

The Prime Minister weighs in, the press secretaries get on the phones and in a matter of moments the Newscorpse drones have launched, ready to save the nation from one small man with a beard.

So now the messenger and the message host must be obliterated.

Why? Because Zaky Mallah was speaking truth to power and the powerful don’t like the truth.

In order to stop the truth being spread further the powerful have to stop the truth being talked about.

Two brutal, but effective methods are used:

The first is to assassinate the messenger.

If the messenger can’t be locked up, or shot, or taken out by an armed drone, well, it’s inconvenient, but he can still be shut down by character destruction.

This method is simple:

Concoct a bunch of lies, photoshop up some fear-inducing images of boys with beards and guns; then unleash the dogs on social media to tear the messenger down. This is even more effective when you can coordinate across several of the #Newscorpse bunkers to make sure that there is a wide field of withering fire laid down.

This is a good distraction, people tend to keep their heads down – lest it get blown off in the crossfire-  meaning there’s few folk actually checking the inconvenient facts.

For example, if you actually look at Mallah’s question – the reason he was in the audience – it is a good one.

A good question that the government won't answer

A good question that the government won’t answer

Mallah reminded the Liberal cloneclown on Q&A that it is Abbott government policy driving youngsters into the arms of ISIS.

Despite the denial, bluster, confected hurt feelings and angry outbursts of Abbott and the #Newcorpse drones, this is demonstrably true.

Every time there’s another “LOOK OVER THERE, A TERRORISMS” alert issued and Abbott blabbers “Death Cult, ER, Death Cult is coming”, more and more racist dribblejaws come out from under their rocks to abuse anyone who vaguely looks like a Muslim — you know, people in turbans and stuff — and the more unhappy, angry and upset young Muslims become.

Who can blame them? I don’t, I’d be pissed off too if I was subject to constant vilification. Shit, if it got bad enough I might even take up arms myself.

This is the line that so outraged Liberal mouthwash salesman Steve Ciobo:

“The Liberals have just justified to many Australian Muslims in the community tonight to leave and go to Syria and join IS because of ministers like him,” Mallah said, before Tony Jones finally stepped in to take some control of the Leftie lunatic asylum.

The comments about the Q&A audience being a “Leftie lunatic asylum” are from a long-term #Newscorpse bunker dweller who is constantly high on Rupert’s koolaid, the delightful Rita Panahi.

But let’s just reflect, for a moment, on what a quality bloke, the Gold Coast-based MP Steve Ciobo actually is. Do you remember the time he talked about”slitting” Julia Gillard’s throat on Lateline?

Well, if not, check out this piece on Independent Australia. At the time, then Opposition leader Tony Abbott defended Ciobo and the Murdoch rags were not calling for the ABC to be censured for allowing such appalling and violent comments to go to air.

The selective and confectionary nature of the current outrage is appallingly obvious to anyone who’s not a Libtard troll, Newscorpse cellar-dweller or rusted-on Abbottite.

The second offensive method of shutting down uncomfortable questions that you won’t answer, is to launch another broadside at the ABC for simply doing its job.

This is a tried and true method that works well because the ABC has been kicked so often that it is frightened and cowers in the corner just waiting for the next whipping and, well…

Here it comes…

Unfortunately, the ABC today is terrified of its own shadow and cannot grovel low enough, or quickly enough to appease the bullying Abbott machine. So, to take advantage of the ABC’s weakness, the usual suspects line up to demand an inquiry.

This works even better when #Newscorpse gets one of its handy superannuated Colonel Blimps to do it .

Then in jump the rent-a-crowd cronies who are mothballed on a retainer of whisky and whores, and who are always willing to do their master’s bidding.

After the dogwhistling is finished, the cronies can sit back and relax as Two Punch Tony weighs in, citing the evidence of newly manufactured “public opinion” on which the wet paint clearly shows the Murdoch paw prints and traces of slobber.

Abbott on Mallah

It’s Abbott who betrays this country, not Zaky Mallah. Today is a six flag emergency

Kill the real story — that it is government #TERRORISMS policy bullshit propaganda is driving youngsters into the arms of ISIS — and carpet bomb the ABC as you do it.

Two birds with one stone, not a bad day in the propaganda war.

And to top it off, getting more pictures of men with beards and guns on the front page of the Hun, the Curious Smell and the Terrorgraph means one less day of scrutiny for the Abbott government before the next election.

But here’s a thought…

If, by some small chance there’s a backlash against the #Newscorpse lines and people are not so accepting of the fear-mongering and bullshit, then get another of the company’s useful idiots to tweet that the whole thing is “satire”.

I kid you not. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present David Penberthy.

David the only wankfest here is going on between your ears.
Go over to the koolaid dispenser right now and help yourself to a great big drink.
“Satire”, a brilliant comeback, you deserve it.
Go on, have another.
“Chin, chin.”

Sing along with Ice Cube

Drink the kool aid!
I make mothafucka drink-drink the kool aid!

(Let ’em know!) Do you… (Let ’em know!) Do you…
(Let ’em know!) Know who you fuckin’ with?! Know who you fuckin’ with?!
Do you… (Let ’em know!) Do you…
(Let ’em know!) Know who you fuckin’ with?! Know who you fuckin’ with?!
Always… (Always!) Always… (Always!)
Know who you fuckin’ with! Know who you fuckin’ with!
Always… (Always!) Always… (Always!)
Know who you fuckin’ with! Know who you fuckin’ with!

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