Hands off the ABC – Turnbull should resign his commission

The Abbott government’s political interference into public broadcasting has just got serious.

Very serious.

Heads should roll

Not content with going beyond his ministerial brief and ringing Mark Scott in the middle of the night to demand answers, the Duke of Double Bay has now decided to politicise his department by demanding senior officers conduct an inquiry into the ABC’s editorial decision-making.

The ego of this merchant wanker seemingly knows no bounds.

Everybody who ever watched Play School or an ABC news bulletin should be outraged and demanding Malcolm Turnbully resign his commission.

Turnbull has breached his ministerial guidelines with this move, but he’s gloating about it.

The jumped-up, smug little Napoleon has gone well beyond what is acceptable in a system that relies on the separation of powers.

Turnbull’s inquiry is blatant political interference.

How else can you explain his “instruction” to his department — which we can presume knows little to nothing of news judgment and editorial decision-making.

Turnbully's instruction: fuck-up the ABC, but make it look like an accident

Turnbully’s instruction: fuck-up the ABC, but make it look like an accident

And the reason he thinks he can get away with it is that he did the last time.

Do you remember how proud Turnbull was that his midnight call to the Chair of SBS Michael Ebeid got football reporter Scott McIntyre sacked without due process, and for a ridiculously political charge of being unAustralian and not kowtowing before the official sickening waffle that is Anzackery?

Well now the Minister for Communications is again jumping to the dog whistle prompting of the Murdoch press.

A witch hunt is underway and several of my former ABC colleagues will now be worried about their jobs.

And let’s be absolutely clear where responsibility lies for this mob-handed fire-brand wielding rabble:source of problem

Daniel Hurst, The Guardian 25 June 2015

It is not ordinary Australians demanding an inquiry from the comfort of their couches, most of us just let such stuff wash over us.

This is a campaign orchestrated by the very group that has the most to gain from further knobbling the ABC and gutting public broadcasting.

This is a war being funded by Rupert Murdoch and he is also supplying the foot soldiers — his army of trained typo-monkeys-flunkies who slurp down the koolaid and bay for the blood of leftists and Muslims.

They are rabid, fed on a diet of tabloid headlines, hysteria and Rupert’s ill-gotten gold sovereigns and they will stop at nothing.

It will be a bloodbath at the ABC because management is already shit-scared and will do nothing to protect hard-working and well-meaning front line staff who are doing a difficult job to the best of their ability.

And Abbott’s rhetoric is completely disgraceful.

In a dramatic escalation of his rhetoric against the public broadcaster, the prime minister said the ABC had “compounded that terrible mistake, that betrayal, if you like, of our country … by rebroadcasting the program”.

He’s effectively accusing the ABC of treason for rebroadcasting the program.

Abbott and Turnbull’s faux outrage and hysterical calls for “heads to roll” is designed to whip up public anger, but it is based on lies and half-truths.

If you bother to actually listen to, or read, what Zaky Mallah actually said, you would know that it was mild, nothing to get upset about and that the tub-thumping from all the Colonel Blimp types is just their own blood lust boiling over.

For good measure, you should also read the summing of of Justice Wood in Zaky Mallah’s 2005 trial on terrorism charges. It is very interesting and clearly shows media manipulation of a young man with a chip on his shoulder, it does not show Mallah as a terrorist.

Take this, as just one example:

Zaky transcript 2Yes, sections of the news media were willing to pay Mallah to pose as a terrorist in order to get a story.

Perhaps this is how the NewsCorpse papers have such great photos of him to splash on their front pages.

Remember, like this:

Newscorpse covers 2Who took these pictures and under what circumstances?

ABC staff will now almost certainly lose their job. Will they lose their citizenship and also be deported by this mad, out-of-control government?

I’m not ruling it out. I never rule out the possibility of peak stupid with this mob of semi-literate private school failures.

This new attack on the independence and integrity of the ABC is a disturbing development and a sign that Abbott, Turnbull and his frontbench of souless ghouls will do anything to stay in power and to distract attention from their attacks on our freedoms and our wallets.

This mad man has to be stopped, and soon, before the damage to the national psyche is permanent.

Thank goodness that the journalists’ union, the MEAA, has condemned the Turnbull inquiry and Abbott’s pre-empting of any outcome by demanding sackings.

The thing is though, will the MEAA actually do anything?

Who is going to react to this and start demanding the government back off.

We all know that Abbott and his backers in the IPA want the ABC shut down and sold-off, this is a tactical move in that war of attrition.

It’s time for serious people to organise and fightback.

Don’t let the goon squad get you



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