All I can say is thanks Tim

This blog is a modest little endeavour. It has been neglected for some time. The reasons for that are many and frankly, none of your business.

However, occasionally it has a spike in popularity.

Take for example the time I posted about Amy Winehouse.

It was because of a link to this pic of Amy

moral parallel

That was back in the day when I had more time and more spirit to deal with the lighter side of this blog, which has always been about the enjoyment of martinis and music.

My best ever was in October 2013 for a post called We can no longer take these ‘journalists’ seriously.

It is interesting to follow the careers of the people now.

Another good day away from the office

And well, today has been one of those days.

My post from 13 June updating the case with Deakin, has nearly topped the charts.

stats for update 13 June

It’s fantastic. And it bucks a long-term trend. When you neglect a blog, attendance and attention drops off.

Writing regularly on interesting topics is the only way to build and maintain an audience. Only then can you even dream of monetizing your clickstream. I’m a long way from that, I’m not even interesting enough that WordPress bothers to put ads on my pages.

EM stats Wed 15 June

But in the last few days the traffic has started to increase and the trend is up again.

It’s all thanks to Mr Tim Blair of the prestigious and award-winning Daily Telegraph in Sydney.

Hat Tip: Tim Blair of the Daily Terrorgraph

Hat Tip: Tim Blair,leading calumnist for The Terror Graph

They don’t need me to direct more clicks to their decadent content.

Tim will have to make do with this screen shot.

Teacher needs teaching Blair 14 June


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