Invasion Day 2019 – Images from the Melbourne march

Invasion Day 2019 was commemorated around Australia on January 26. The day’s marches and rallies took place against a background of the ongoing “culture wars” being perpetrated and encouraged by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and propagandised by the Murdoch media.

Outside Liberal Party circles, it is widely regarded that Scott Morrison is a fool. He made this abundantly clear in the lead in to Invasion Day by announcing almost $7 million in funding for some kind of whitwashing re-enactment of something that didn’t even take place — a circumnavigation of Australia by a replica of Cook’s ship the Endeavour.

The idea was widely mocked and again showed Morrison has a tin ear and an inept group of people advising him.

junkee slams morrison's cook announcement

Many people were appalled by the insensitivity of this decision given that local Indigenous communities in remote parts of the country were suffering in 40+ degree heat without access to clean drinking water. $6.7 million would go a long way towards alleviating this problem in towns like Walgett and Menindee.

Morrison’s blundering comments about Cook’s voyages — historically wrong and politically aligned to white ethno-nationalist sentiment — provided inspiration for several homemade placards at the Melbourne Invasion Day march, including these beauties.

Homemade protest signs as art practice

I am going to make 2019 my year of documenting protests with a focus on capturing as many homemade signs as I can. The creativity and commitment of people — most of them not really “activists” — is reflected in the efforts they go to to turn a piece of recycled cardboard into a meaningful slogan. I also admire the effort that goes into carrying your selfmade placard on a long, slow march around the CBD on an afternoon when the temperature is hovering around 30 degrees.

I’m particularly taken with the placards made and carried by children and here’s some good examples.

There were lots of Koorie kids marching too and they also carried some very poignant placards.

It is hard to disagree.

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