Melbourne climate protests return to the streets

The first large mobilisation of climate activists in Melbourne took place on Saturday 6 November. After an 18 month absence from the streets due to COVID restrictions, Students for Climate Action joined in the global protests against the greenwashing occurring at the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

Speakers pointed out that the Glasgow conference was a COPOUT and climate criminals like Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison were able to spin the lie that they would reach net zero by 2050.

Net zero is a con. It is simply a process for ignoring the rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by pretending that they can be ‘offset’ by gerrymandering the figures, under reporting emissions, and maintaining the lie that it is our lifestyle – rather than their polluting industries – is the main cause of global warming and environmental collapse.

We were on the streets to show that it is our action that can stop climate destruction and that system change – the end of capitalism – is the only chance we have to save the planet.

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