welcome to this blog

April 13, 2007

This is my blog, I suppose all of you Cool Hand Lukes out there knew exactly what was going to go into your first post. I’ve got no idea.
This is a blog about journalism and ethics, it might also be about other things. Time will tell.

I recently arrived in Auckland, the commercial and media capital of New Zealand to take up a new job as Curriculum Leader, Journalism in the School of Communication Studies at AUT. By reputation it’s one of the best and biggest j-schools in the country and a challenge for me to lift the game – from being an Institute of Technology to being a university.

I’m also interested in media ethics. I’ve written a book with my colleague Roger Patching on journalism ethics and it’s just about to be released in a second edition.

I’m currently working on some case studies featuring New Zealand media ethics. I’m interested in hearing from people who have a story to tell.