News agencies escalate IRU rights dispute

September 7, 2007

Several of the world’s leading news agencies have suspended their coverage of the World Rugby Cup competition about to get underway in France this weekend.

The dispute is about the rights to images and access to venues, teams etc.

AFP, Reuters and AP are all involved.

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Rugby + Money = Greedhead Heaven

September 7, 2007

Agencies boycott All Blacks event | Press&publishing |

I don’t really care much about the rugby world cup, but I do care about the media. A number of news agencies, including some of the global biggies – Reuters, AP, Getty Images and AFP – staged a brief boycott of pre-tournament events at the 2007 Rugby World Cup because of a dispute with the IRU over image rights.
The whole area of rights and fees at these events is interesting and as everyone attempts to claw back their costs and make a profit out of global audiences (in this case rugby fans) every penny counts. So it seems.

Sport and money – a noxious cocktail of greed and robbery.