Need a job? Spy for your country

July 5, 2007

I lifted this from Socialist Worker in Australia

Career opportunities for the budding activist “grass”

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The “war on terror” has been a fantastic growth catalyst for Australia’s spying industry. ASIO want to double their numbers in 4 years, even taking out Google ads to help achieve their ambitious target. Now with the APEC meeting looming in Sydney in September, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that the state’s spies are on the lookout for new talent to help them get the dirt on evil activist protest plans. We know you won’t be tempted by the dark side, readers, but stop by the Activist Rights site for tips on how to spot those pesky secret service types

Boris Yeltsin – an obituary that tells the truth

April 26, 2007

Boris Yeltsin 1931-2007|Socialist Worker

The mainstream media has been hailing the late Boris Yeltsin as the man who helped destroy “communism” in the 1980s with his heroic leadership of the Russian people against a “fascist” coup by disgruntled elements still loyal to the old ways.
They say he was a lovable rascal. Boll!x
This obituary from Socialist Worker (UK) lays it out:

Yeltsin was curiously split. Right wing newspapers couldn’t decide whether to celebrate Yeltsin as “the man who brought down Communism” or lampoon him as a drunken fool who wrecked Russia’s economy.

Yeltsin was a privileged member of the Russian ruling class who dealt with the capitalist institutions of the West – the IMF and so on – in order to secure the ongoing wealth of his friends. The disaster that is Russia today owes a lot to Yeltsin and his cronies, including Putin.