Another student tasered by campus cops – what’s with this shit?

September 19, 2007

Student Tasered at campus forum for Kerry –

The campus cops in the USA don’t seem to be learning. They’ve tasered another student at the University of Florida.
Watch this video and see how the spokesperson for the uni squirms.

The guy was just asking John Kerry a question at a campus election rally. That is, exercising his rights as a US citizen. He was asking a difficult question, that the organisers didn’t like.

These campus cops are asshole thugs. Why do universities employ goons like this. Surely it’s not too hard to give clear instructions not to attack students in unprovoked assaults with deadly weapons.

How long till these thugs actually kill someone?

Here’s another view, of course, thanks YouTubers.

What’s interesting is the character asassination now going on about the student, 21-year-old Andrew Myer. According to reports published in major newspapers, including the Sydney Morning Herald, Myer is a ‘trouble-maker’ and practical joker. So what, that doesn’t mean he deserves to get tasered. The cops are also quoted as saying that once the cameras were off Myer, he joked and laughed as he was taken off to the lock-up. What a farce.

Tasering people is now a legitimate police contact sport. Here’s another clip of an incident in a police lock up. There are better ways of dealing with disturbed and emotional people. The cops are out of control.

So, you don’t believe cops enjoy this shit? Take a look at this training video – they’re having fun with the taser. One of the women looks wierdly like Janet Jackson – listen to her, she loved getting tasered. I guess they just want to share the love. Bastards!