A curiouser and curiouser tale – Mrs Veitch speaks up

August 17, 2008

What a fascinating account of the Tony Veitch affair in the Herald on Sunday this week. Tony’s partner, Zoe has given an amazing interview to the paper in which the curious issue of Kristin Dunne-Powell’s motive bubbles close to the surface of the text, but without ever being made explicit.

There’s a similar story in the Sunday Star Times by Donna Chisholm, but with none of the real impact. [“We’ll fight to  bitter end”]

Jane Phare’s story in the HoS stops short of suggesting anything really sinister, but a picture emerges of a young woman obsessed with a failed relationship and driven by something unhealthy:

Zoe Veitch, 27, said her husband’s former partner, Dunne-Powell, had had a “hold over us for the majority of our relationship”.

Speaking publicly for the first time, Veitch told the Herald on Sunday yesterday that Dunne-Powell appeared to react each time she saw Tony Veitch or the couple together, or if they were photographed socially.

“There was always something from her within a couple of days. It was always very reactionary.”

Veitch said that she had hoped once Dunne-Powell was married “she wouldn’t be bothering us so much”. “I’ve always said to Tony that if she is happy in her own marriage she will leave us alone.” [Veitch’s wife strikes back]

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Tony Veitch back in the news – he’s a good guy, seriously

August 10, 2008

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the slow, whispering campaign to rehabilitate Tony Veitch appeared to be underway. Well this weekend he was back in the Sunday papers and some interesting comments from former girlfriends and flatmates in both the Sunday Star Times and the Herald on Sunday.

Ex-love stands by Tony Veitch (HoS) Veitch flatmate says there’s more to story (SST)

Both appear to downplay any violent tendencies that the former sports presenter might harbour and both seem to paint Kristin Dunne-Powell in a poor light.

FYI: I am not passing any judgment on Tony here, or suggesting that I agree or disagree with the assessment of the sources quoted in these stories.

Interesting too that on Saturday the NZ Herald seemed to clear up one little lingering mystery: what did Ms Dunne-Powell report to the ACC?     Veitch partner gave details to ACC

Meanwhile it seems the police are going to take an interest in the tape of an interview that Tony Veitch did with columnist Paul Holmes. In his column about the tape, Holmes implied that Veitch gave some details of the night of the alleged assault incident.

But Holmes and the HoS seem reluctant to hand the tape over because some of Tony’s comments were emotional and ‘off-the-record’.

Hang on, both of these men are adults and experienced journalists. They would know that you can’t go ‘off-the-record’ in a taped interview once it’s underway. You can turn the tape off, but if it’s left running then too bad for both of them.

HoS editor Shayne Currie says the paper will comply with legal requirements, but does that mean the police will get the tape, or not? I also don’t think it will give too much away. I personally think that Holmes was just talking himself up. He loves to be a big part of his own stories; a legend in his own lunchbox.

You can backtrack on my coverage here

Was Tony Veitch being blackmailed?

July 19, 2008

I’ve said all along that this story is about more than Tony Veitch’s alleged assault and payout. There’s been reportage suggesting that several people outside those directly involved had some knowledge of the events of January 2006 and subsequently. What did they know and what did they do with that knowledge?

Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that it’s taken more than two years for the whole thing to blow open in a very public way.

Today (Saturday 19 July), Patrick Gower wrote in the Weekend Herald of discussions between Ms Dunne-Powell and a journalist in March 2007, prior to any negotiation of a financial deal between her and Tony Veitch.

In my original post on this issue [Tony Veitch, monster or victim?] I raised some questions about the anonymous sources being used by the Dominion Post. The whole thing seemed a bit murky, now I’m even more curious about those sources and also the “chain of evidence” between Ms Dunne-Powell, her friends and allies; and the journalist Stephen D’Antal.

The timelines on this whole saga are also interesting. I’m not satisfied that everyone is being totally upfront with the media, the public, or even themselves.

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ONE News interesting coverage of Tony Veitch

July 10, 2008

So the Radio Network has suspended Tony Veitch, pending an internal inquiry and the police have announced there own investigation. The doors are slamming shut on Veitch’s career.

An interesting result on a New Zealand Herald online readers’ poll today. It’s split 50-50 on whether or not Tony Veitch should keep his job at TVNZ.

I haven’t seen tonight’s news on TV One yet, but last night (Tuesday) the coverage on his own network was pretty negative.

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Tony Veitch: monster or victim? A couple of questions for the Dom Post

July 9, 2008

I suppose the argument goes that it’s a good yarn and deserved to be told because domestic assault is a serious issue and knowing about public figures who are alleged wife-bashers is in the public interest.

But I can’t help wondering why the Dominion Post felt it was the right thing to do to break the Tony Veitch story on Monday some two years after the alleged assault and cover-up.

I’d like to know why the paper thought exposing Veitch and Dunne-Powell and their families was in the public interest.

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Paul Henry’s resignation an anti-climax

October 10, 2010

Well, Paul Henry resigned on Sunday afternoon. The public pressure and an ominous warning yesterday from his boss Rick Ellis were apparently enough to shift Henry into proactive mode.

I was a bit surprised. I thought he’d tough it out and I wasn’t sure Rick Ellis would carry through his sack Henry option. But maybe, just maybe, Henry now exits with a modicum of his dignity intact.

[Sunday nightcap]

I’d also just like to acknowledge Paul Holmes’ column from the HoS today. It never appears online, but Paul H[olmes] did a good job of treading a fine line between the rat who took his mate’s gig and the consoling mate who thinks his first-namesake is actually a good bloke under all that hardening slime.

I was tempted to say that under no circumstances could I take a man’s programme when he was experiencing bad times and I would never forgive someone doing it to me but then I thought, well, what the hell, what could I do but accept? [HoS 10.10.10 p.41]

Well Paul, you could show some principles and act in solidarity with a mate “experiencing bad times”. That’s what a mate would do. Unlike that “certain crowd” who kick a mate when he’s down.

There is a certain crowd who will love to pull him down because he is simply too successful. This is the schadenfreude factor and it is very powerful.

Schadenfreude is taking delight in another’s misfortune. It is a fancy way of talking about the so-called tall poppy syndrome. It’s nonsense.

Henry fcuked up and exposed his inner gremlins; he wasn’t torn down, he self-immolated after pouring petrol over his head for some time and playing with matches.

What happens next?

Complaints to TVNZ as a precursor to a Beeza inquiry into Henrygate are now moot. Beeza may still feel it necessary to poke a finger in the wound, but I’d be surprised if any complaints make it that far now.

Rick Ellis has promised a review of editorial standards, which is a bit like oiling the hinges on the stable door after… Instead, there will be a hunt to find a replacement for Henry and it will have to be someone extraordinary in order to ensure that the Breakfast ratings don’t just go down the poo-hole with the show’s former star attraction.

Henry will be looking for a new job and like disgraced carefully and slowly rehabilitated sports presenter Tony Veitch, he may yet find another home in commercial radio after a spectacular fall from grace.

This whole messy mess is an opportunity for TVNZ to re-think it’s approach to breakfast television.


The captain, but no Tenille


I would opt for a return to Captain Kangaroo-style kids entertainment and leave the serious stuff to National Radio.

I loved Captain Kangaroo as a kid growing up in Milwaukee, he was just in control and always seemed about to explode – a lot like Paul Henry, so he would be popular with Henry’s audience profile and appealing to kids.

A serious morning news programme would be very interesting for the state broadcaster and I would enjoy it, but it would be expensive and a ratings stone (most likely). If TVNZ wants to go down that route I would be keen to offer some advice.

In the meantime, here’s the Captain to entertain you while you slurp down a coffee and some Froot Loops.

Legal letter freaks Big News – should the Internet be “Adults Only”?

April 28, 2009

A week ago I mentioned an interesting little blogwar breaking out in Wellington, now the skirmish has gone nuclear with one protagonist sending a lawyer’s letter to Dave Crampton host of  the Big News blog.

The row started when someone began to spam a Big News post suggesting that the media now back-off in the Tony Veitch case. Whoever the spammer was posted something like  40 comments in less than half-an-hour. The spammer used the names of Tony Veitch, Zoe Halford, Glenda Hughes, TV3 producer Carol Hirschfeld, Sailent editor Jackson Wood, big News host Dave Crampton and TVNZ’s Mark Sainsbury to put offensive and stupid comments into the post thread.

Now it’s come down to a threat of legal action. A threat that could have serious consequences for the blogosphere in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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Someone’s lawyer might be interested in this

April 22, 2009

[28 April update Legal letter freaks out Big News]

I’ve just been to Big News and there’s a very interesting post that I reckon a couple of legal eagles might like to take a look at.

It seems that someone’s been a very naughty boy – and totally stupid to boot.

Someone has been posing as a number of senior New Zealand journalists to post comments on a Big News blog item and, apart from being very peurile, it strikes me as possibly worthy of a legal challenge.

Big News names the culprit as a student journo at Victoria University in Wellington. Michael Oliver is the news editor of the Vic Uni student mag, Salient.

[30 April update:

Big News wrote: I can now reveal that those comments on this blog were done in the offices of Salient, and a Salient volunteer has taken the rap. I doubt whether this volunteer was alone. I was advised today, after being threatened with a defamation suit by the Victoria University Student’s Association(VUWSA) two days earlier, that current editor Jackson Wood was “aware of it” and knew “who is responsible” after initially writing to me denying any knowledge of the spamming.]

If I was Mark Sainsbury, or Carol Hirschfeld,  or Tony Veitch, or Zoe Halford, or Mike McRoberts, or Glenda Hughes, or Dave’s mum, I’d want to take the jerk who did this outside for a quite talk and a noisy thumping. Or maybe I’d just sue the arse of the little turd who is responsible. You can view his/her handiwork on this post at Big News

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No comment

September 7, 2008

Updated 9 September 2008

Two of the Sunday’s carried the Veitch story today (7 September).

Aren’t there rules around reporting possible/alleged/unproven incidents of this nature?

Veitch hospitalised (Stuff.co.nz)

Ex-lover plea for privacy (Stuff.co.nz)

Veitch in suicide bid (Sunday News)

Fears for Veitch after hospital dash (Herald on Sunday)

Lita (bitsontheside) has an excellent post saying pretty much what I would say, were I not making any comment.

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SST – dancing to Zoe’s beat?

August 24, 2008

I wrote last week that I’d probably have little to say about the Tony Veitch case now that it’s before the court. I also wondered if the news media would do the same.

No chance actually. Now I find myself back in it too; trying to make sense of the spinning. I read this stuff and feel like it’s a public rehearsal of Tony Veitch’s defence arguments. It is trial by media. Only in this case it’s the complainant who seems to be in the dock.

The Sunday papers are all over the story again this week with revelations about the incidents covered in the charges laid against Veitch a week ago.  The Veitch saga: What Kristin told police (SST) Water assault charge for Veitch (HoS)

But what really caught my eye was another interview with Zoe Veitch in the Sunday Star Times.

Veitch’s wife: ‘We shouldn’t have given in to her demands

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