Tens of journalists rally to save the Gobbit and Lord Porkpie snarls at Aussie filth

October 25, 2010

It is true.

New Zealand is Middle Earth, complete with archaic employment laws, ignorant tribes of Gobbits and a semi-rural, semi-feudal social system that honours caste by birth or by wealth.

Tens of journalists turned up today to absorb and repeat Lord Porkpie’s message of anti-Australian hatred and ultra-moral national heartiness.

Journalists swell the crowd at Lord Porkpie's Auckland witch hunt

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John the Gollum, Lord Porkpie and the ignorance of stupid Gobbits

October 21, 2010

My tweet today after hearing about the union-busting actions of ill-informed Kiwi actors protesting against a pay rise for working on Lord Porkpie Jackoff’s blub-buster re-hash of a boring old story by some dead white male English fart: The Gobbit

Aussie-bashing, union-bashing stupid hobbit scab gits, Eff-off back to Hobiton and live on scraps from Sir Peter’s well-lardered table.

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