Way behind, but we’re winning

July 26, 2008

It’s really 34-19 in fleshlife [final score, too], here in MartyWorld it’s not quite there yet.
This is the 3rd “live” update of the ABs v Wallabies rugby match.

You might want to look at this first, but then again you might just want to go here.

Aussie-Dean (X3) chant

ABs line break (yeah, it was the only one!)

You are hereby warned, this is a test match, not a real one.

Finding Murdoch

June 14, 2008

When an email arrived with “Finding Murdoch” in the subject line, I thought it was a question about an essay topic I’d set for some students.

I expected it to be about Rupert or one of the children. As you do when that name’s mentioned around media people.

That’s because I’d never heard of the great All-Black legend cum man of mystery, Keith Murdoch. Nor had I heard of local journalist and playwright Margot McRae.

As a passported-Aussie and an ex-journo with some considerable interest in the history and politics of journalism, I immediately associate “Keith” Murdoch with the legendary Australian media baron Sir Keith, father of contemporary global media tycoon Rupert.

I couldn’t at that point even hazard a guess to any possible relationship between these two arms of the clan Murdoch. There in lies a story not told here. Ethical Martini does not (at this point) do geneaology.

But getting to know the real Keith Murdoch a bit better sounds like a good idea, then I might go and see Finding Murdoch at the Maidment Theatre.

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