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January 31, 2009

What is it about blokes and big fish that generates such passion?

Moac and I were very distressed by a story in the NZ Herald a few days ago.

An exhausted 18-year-old spearfisherman is admiring what could be a record-setting marlin caught after a 150-minute battle off Great Barrier Island.

Nick Dobbyn speared the 213kg blue marlin after he spotted it “tailing along” on the surface of the water last Saturday afternoon.

“I got ready and we got close to it, about 50-60 metres away. I jumped into the water and swam closer to it when I pulled the trigger. That’s when the war started,” Mr Dobbyn said.

[Marlin drags diver for 3km]

“War”? It’s a fucken-fish. OK, so humans have been at “war” with nature for a very long time. I know that, it’s one of the key beliefs I hold as a Marxist. But this is not a post about the dialectic of nature.

What I actually wondered was: “If I had to choose, would this be a news story?”

I could see the news value, but I could also see the “Nah, this is bollix,” point of view.

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