Which part of the word ‘class’ don’t you understand?

May 14, 2012

I have been writing for The Conversation forĀ  a while now. My latest piece on class warfare rhetoric had over 2000 hits on the first day it was live It also sparked lots of comments and a rebuttal of sorts from Associate Professor Gregory Melleuish of Wollongong University.

The debate about class confuses many people, partly because Australia seems like ‘the lucky country’ and it seems like class is a thing of the past.

Aren’t we all aspirational today, and so much better off than our grandparents?

If that’s the case, the argument goes, aren’t we really a middle class country?

Well, yes and no.

Class is not confined to blue collar manual labour – a point that Prof Melleuish misses in his piece.

Cass is not defined by the colour of your collar, or whether you do manual work or service labour. Class is about the soical relations of production. Read the rest of this entry »