Doing my bit for the Libyan revolution

July 3, 2011

2011, August 30 update:

Now that Ssafia al Gaddafi is in Algeria, do you think I’ll get my money?

There was a convoy, I wonder which amoured Cadlillac my gold bullion was stashed in?



I just received this exciting news from Muammar Gaddafi’s second wife Ssafia Farkash Albrassi (Safia al-Gaddafi).

She wants me to help bring down the Libyan regime by helping her bankrupt her tyrant of a husband.

I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing this with you and if you help me get the money out of the safety deposit box where it curently is I’ll share it with you. After all $25 million goes a long way between friends. But please, keep it to yourself, we don’t want Ssafia to get found out.



How are you doing today with work and family? Hope all is well? Please be assured that this proposal is confidential and genuine. My name is Ssafia Farkash Albrassi (Safia al-Gaddafi), the second wife of Muammar Gadhafi.

We all are aware of the current crisis in my country, LYBIA. Due to this crisis many assets and money belonging to Col. Gadhafis  family and government officials are being frozen by western government, as you can see on the following links –

We have lost a lot and are losing many on a daily basis I need your help to secure some of these funds because these are had earned money and not stolen money, most of these money are by contracts executed by the family. Examples are – BPs $900m 2007 Libyan oil exploration contract, Owns shares in Juventus football club, Italian oil gian Eni, and Pearson, the parent company of Penguin and the Financial Times, Has had dealings with numerous Western financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and the Carlyle Group.

Due to the fear of our assets freeze, I have been able to move some money to through security means as consignment and deposited it into a security house in Johannesburg South Africa, where I registered them as personal effect. Two consignments with the sum of US$25,000,000.00 in each are safe and now, I want you to help me receive one. I want to come over there to start a new life. I am very sick of these wars. People are dying every day. I am offering 35% and you will also help me invest 65% of my share into any lucrative business in your country, where your government will not take much taxes from it, if you can, but if not please keep it safe for me until everything goes quiet.
See the attached pictures of the money before it was moved to South Africa and my picture with President Mandela when I visited South Africa.

I guarantee you that this venture is risk free. If you are interest, please, get back to me on or for further details, or you can call me on +27-105009063 and if not, please delete this letter and do not inform anyone about it. I am in South Africa now for this transaction. South Africa is no longer safe for me.

Yours Sincerely,

Ssafia Farkash Albrassi (Safia al-Gaddafi) or
Phone: +27-105009063

I know the message is genuine because Ssafia sent me this lovely holiday snap of her with the equally lovely Nelson Mandela and a picture of all the money.

Help me get my hands on Mrs Gaddafi's money

Ssafia Gaddafi with a little girl and somebody who's possibly famous

Déjà vu all over again: Operation Oddity Awe

March 20, 2011

Well the inevitable overnight pounding of Baghdad Tripoli will teach that old foolish despot Saddam Hussein Muammar Gaddafi a stonking lesson in defending civil liberties the power of a wounded imperialist beast  that he will never forget.

But what next for the bold and staunch Security Council Unites States puppeteers? On the eighth anniversary of the shock and awe campaign against Baghdad – and we all know that’s ending well #FAIL! we see another attempt at “regime change by proxy”. Robert Fisk’s piece “First it was Saddam” is laden with  humour, irony and anger; but it reminds us “trust no-0ne”.

The logic of the US (UN proxy) argument against Gaddafi – that he is using the machinery of state to attack his own people who simply want him to move aside – means that US warships should also be firing missiles at several other royal compounds in the region.

A quick review of what’s happening in the Middle East and a brief look at the “who’s who” of dictators and general fucktards-in-charge would suggest that several kings have put themselves in the firing line by their recent actions.

Here’s a quick survey of the current news from Yemen and Bahrain, where pro-democracy protestors – just like the plucky Libyans – have been gunned down in recent days.

Oh hey, and don’t forget the House of Saudi, which is financing and supporting those pulling the trigger in Yemen.

The difference is plain though; Gadaffi is currently a “baddie” in the simplistic PR spin from the State Department, while the Saudi, Yemeni and Bahraini ruling elites are “friendlies”.

I am very disappointed with the news media over this issue. As soon as the “bang bang” starts the embedded knuckleheads in the compliant news media suddenly have deep amnesia.

They have forgotten all the lies that surrounded shock and awe and more importantly and more worryingly, the news media has conveniently forgotten its own disgusting, abject, grovelling and deceitful role in that sorry little saga of war crime, murder and mayhem.

This front page is a good example of what I mean. Instead of focusing on why the attacks and challenging them, the New Zealand Herald chooses instead to run this stupid line from one of Gaddafi’s rants as an excuse to paint the attacks as justified.

This is not good enough.

I’m out for a Sunday drive, more later.