Stefan – read this. Jews say no

February 14, 2009

No doubt these patriots¬† are “self-hating” people, IYHO,¬† but I’ve had enough. Shove this, sunshine

Not in our name

Seriously, you can be pious and not zious. Or better still, secular and left.


[Feb 17 update]

I just read a note from my Facebook friend Ido Liven who works as an independent journalist in the Middle East. He was confused about “IYHO” in the first line of this post. He thought that I thought that anti-war Jewish people were “self-hating”. I need to correct that.

IYHO is In Your Humble Opinion, not IMHO (In My Humble Opinion). In this case the “You” is refering to the Zionist lobby that argues Jews who oppose the occupation of Palestine and the use of phosphorous weapons against Palestinians are “self-hating” One such group is behind Zionismontheweb. There’s a good overview of the topic at Jewish Currents, which outlines why Noam Chomsky is often singled-out as a prominent “self-hater”. It really is just a way for Zionists to conveniently label anti-Zionist Jews, such as this group, Jews against Zionism.

Ido has also written on this issue “Our side or theirs“.