New media and the public sphere

July 31, 2008

OK, so this isn’t exactly a self-made blogcast. My colleague Gregory Treadwell asked the questions and did the edits, but we think it’s not bad.

It’s the next in a series of short vids we’re making (mainly Greg) for AUT’s New Media Journalism class.

In this clip Greg asked me about digital optimism and digital pessimism and the impact of online journalism and blogging on the public sphere – what he likes to call the “national conversation”.

Our first series of interviews, with NZ Herald Online editor Jeremy Rees, and Scoop managing editor, Selwyn Manning, covers the differences between a more mainstream news outfit and a web-only start-up.

Keeping up with the digital Joneses

July 23, 2008

Sometimes it’s hard to get anything done. You think you’ve turned a corner and, like the Tour de France, the next incline is steeper and the pelleton has disappeared up the fuck&n mountain.

It’s like that in my neck of the digital woods too. For every step we take, there’s the awkward rhythm of an accompanying backward shuffle. Now it seems we’re all too far behind the convergence fusbal to even attempt a behind (AFL speak for non-Australians).

I’ve just (how remiss of me) come across yet another online journalism site that offers groovy apps and swingeing critiques of journalism education.

What’s a professor2du?

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