Catching up on the court reports

January 14, 2009

I’ve been away and while I was in London tended to neglect Ethical Martini. Now I’m home, I hope to regain my standing in the Tumeke! league table. I’ve slipped out of the top 100 and I’m not happy!

There’s work to do.

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Peter Lloyd – new charges and dog whistling

July 25, 2008

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) correspondent, Peter Lloyd, is now facing three additional and, as yet, unspecified charges following a brief court appearance in Singapore today [Friday 25 July]

Peter was arrested last week and charged with trafficking about a gram of methamphetamine (ice). According to media reports he looks worried, gaunt and like a “broken man”.

And who wouldn’t. Facing 20 years in a Singapore jail and up to 15 lashes with a heavy rattan cane, would make even the staunchest crack addict blanche.

What troubles me more though, is the way this case is being used to attack the ABC and dog whistle Australian racism.

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Gopalan Nair and Peter Lloyd – update, no release

July 22, 2008

The troublesome [to the Singapore government] Mr Gopalan Nair is in all sorts of trouble. He is not allowed to leave Singapore.

Neither is Australian journalist, Peter Lloyd

Mr Nair is a citizen of the United States, but he has been denied the return of his passport. His lawyer has withdrawn from the case and Mr Nair’s future is in limbo.

Bad news.  Another day in court

Meanwhile, Peter Lloyd is facing drug importation charges, and he’s not going anywhere soon. In Singapore drug offences carry heavy penalties.

Unfortunately for Mr Nair and Mr  Lloyd, “justice” in Singapore grinds along slowly.

Gopalan’s US passport is being kept from him and Peter Lloyd is in Changi prison with an eye infection. This is not good for either of them.

Meanwhile Cameron to meed Lloyd and the Australian foreign minister says “Oh well”

I wish both men the best of luck. If you’re not across these stories, backtrack:

Tight chain

Self destruct

This is serious – self-destruct season #2

July 18, 2008

I’m bewildered and saddened. On top of everything else an Australian journalist is now facing up to 20 years in gaol for drug offences in Singapore.

I was a bit shocked by the news about ABC reporter Peter Lloyd. It was a similar feeling of numb “Huh?” that I felt when I first heard/read about Tony Veitch.

What’s going on?

I can’t help thinking – and not for the first time – that journos (we) have a self-destructive streak. Though I’m not really convinced that it is explained by purely psychological causes.

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