Does my face look fat in that?

June 17, 2008

Ah the mundanity of the web. I’ve begun a theme on this which you can backtrack to.

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This installment looks at the latest fad – public humiliation on the Facestat website. What a fcuking glorious idea and what a startling and innovative use of bandwidth.

If you’re considering plastic surgery; facial reconstruction, a nose job, or a “lift” perhaps, why not post your “before” shot and get your peers, or even perfect strangers to judge you.

Does your face look fat in this? “Absolutely you two-bit loser, why not just jump off a bridge now.”

Oops, sorry, ‘LOL’.

I’m sure this will be a roaring success, you can even upload your profile pic from Farcebook. It’s as easy as “one-click-three”.

In the interests of research Sean Plambeck of the technology site uploaded his image to test the potential of the site.

[Sean Plambeck’s story]

Better you than me buddy. Another innovative use: why not upload pictures of your enemies and get them down-rated. Ha, revenge is a dish best served online.

[update] I just went back to Facestat, you actually have to rate people in order to earn points to put your own pictures up. [I’ll be back once I’ve earned enough points to put a pic up, that could be fun].