Relaxing on Raro

June 26, 2008

I’m taking a few days off. Not so much absolute exhaustion as insomniac weary. I’ll be settling on the beach with a novel or two and checking out the island nightlife in Rarotonga.

A recharge is in order and an opportunity to try out my new HD Hard Disk Camcorder.

This is the before shot – you can tell I need a holiday. I hope to return a little lighter, clean shaven and without too many coral wounds.

I’m not usually one to offer advertorial or shopping advice, but if you’re looking for a new camera and you live in New Zealand Parallel Imports has just about the best prices. I checked out duty free and this style of camera cannot be had there, similar models are more expensive.

My JVC was $1100 below the price advertised as the JVC Online “special”.

It seems like a good semi-professional model and should help me record some vlogs over the next few weeks.

I’ll be using it on my trip to the US, UK and Europe to record some research interviews. I’ve scored a guided tour of the new Newseum in Washington DC and will be shooting some footage inside. The Newseum is a monument to American journalism and it looks quite interesting.

Meanwhile, the sand, sun and sea of the Cook Islands are beckoning. I hear the cocktail umbrellas are “to die for”. We’ll see.

Kite katoa hoa taihoa