Talk to the hand: Bare naked ladies

February 14, 2009

If you came here looking for naked ladies¬† I’m sorry. Actually,¬† you’ve been spammed. That should read Barenaked Ladies. No there’s no “tits out”, unless you count manboobs.

Sorry to the regulars, bad luck to the dribblejaws (or in this case, “wetfronts”, Yes, you!)

Our favourite Canadians have blessed us with another live release – strip-a-thon – if you naughty boys are still with us.

Please, if you’re a BnL fan pls leave a comment, you’d be amazed to realise how many hormonally-challenged folk think that googling “naked ladies”, or ‘neked ledies”, etc in all sorts of dyslexic combinations will bring them satisfaclief.

If you really want your jollies, then the new Barenaked Ladies live CD/DVD might do it for you. Just ecoutez, not regardez.

If you still don’t get it: Talk to the hand. This just arrived, Moac, her dad and I have been jigging to BnL.


This post is in response to the silly ones who think that typing “naked ladies” into a search engine will get them to something more stimulating than this. It’s also a lesson for the musically-challenged.

For me it’s a lesson in the correct labeling of tags and categories.

Steve Page – update

The real culprit?

A classic toon