The Kahui verdict – what next

Just saw the news that the jury in the Chris Kahui murder trial returned a not guilty verdict. It took them only 10 minutes. I don’t know how this decision will be interpreted, but I for one found the daily updates from the trial on Morning Report and Checkpoint very interesting. In fact over the past two days Tiffany & I have been discussing the possible outcome. We both felt that a “not guilty” verdict would be the result.

[For non Kiwi readers, Chris Kahui was charged with the murder of his three -month-old twin boys, Chris and Cru in June 2006. The boys had horrific injuries and died in hospital.]

Interestingly the defence case has centred on the possible involvement of Macsyna King (the twins’ mother). She has been painted in a very bad light throughout the case. The police are currently saying that there are no plans to charge anyone else with the killing of Chris and Cru.

I can’t see how interested parties and the media can let this one go. It was a shocking murder and a very high profile case. The crown alleged that only Mr Kahui had a chance to kill the boys; the defence argued that he didn’t do it and attempted to cast a cloud over Macsyna King’s evidence, alibis and general demeanour.

What next?

I think that columnists and commentators will be demanding that someone be held accountable.

I believe that there will have to be some sort of inquiry into the police handling of the case and questions asked about why the prosecution of Mr Kahui failed.

There’s likely to be a bidding war too for Mr Kahui’s story over the coming weeks.

The end of the trial is not the end of this story. Not by a long way.

Finally, I would actually like to congratulate the court reporters from Morning Report and Checkpoint, I think they did a very good job of covering this difficult and emotional case in a balanced and thorough way. Well done to all concerned.

One Response to The Kahui verdict – what next

  1. Lionel says:

    I think chris kahui was guilty, considering the fact that predominantly most of the evidence leads up to him.

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