Shoe-throwing should be an Olympic sport

I am loving the way that throwing shoes at things you don’t like has taken off like a cool piece of countercultural viral marketing.

In Ashland, Oregon, on the crazy northwest fringe of the USA, a city councillor and local shit-stirrer has set up an installation in an art gallery with an 8ft caricature of Dubya and has been hurling shoes at it. Members of the public were encouraged to have a go. It looks like fun.

I’m all in favour of modern art with a purpose. It seems Eric Navickas is a bit of a maverick, even in these maverick parts of the US.

Meanwhile, the trial of Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who started the shoe-throwing craze by actually throwing his shoes at George W Bush in Baghdad a few weeks ago, has been postponed.

4 Responses to Shoe-throwing should be an Olympic sport

  1. Lita says:

    I’d want to throw my really high, sharp, stilletos, aiming for right up his nose.

  2. Lita dearest, so nice of you to visit. I’ve been slack with the old bloggeroni, but I’m back in GodZone (it truly is with the conservatives in power, who’d-a-thunkit?)

    Don’t wast the man-o-lows on the bastid, just chuck your sweatiest gym shoes, or crappiest flipflops, it’s all he deserves.
    luv, luvvie

  3. Medusa says:

    How very amusing, gotta love art galleries, particularly those with something to say. Shame this didn’t come to your attention during your recent trip OS.

    I’m curious if this guy is on the US “hit list” like you EM, I gather so but not for too much longer!

  4. nerida says:

    This is just great! I’d take my whole shoe basket. And that’s a lot of shoes. This shoe throwing is gaining its own momentum. Perhaps ‘shoe throws’ might become local Friday night stadium events in future…

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