It was #NewsCorpse that hounded BLeak to death, not “teh Left”

The mourning clowns at NewsCorpse have made a habit of ridiculing Earth Hour in their columns and editorials, and it’s no surprise that Chris Kenny often leads the charge. If you follow @chriskkenny on Twitter you will know that he is an erudite and learned fellow when it comes to the vexing questions of climate science, the economics of renewables and what causes power outages in his hometown of Adelaide.

Kenny is a seasoned campaigner in the “culture wars”. His worldview is predicated on the crazy belief that every major public institution in Australia, apart from NewsCorpse itself, has been captured by raving Leftists with an anti-business, pro-human rights, green, queer agenda.

Laughable as this proposition is to sane people who see the world as it really is, it is the motivating force – the lifeblood – of Murdoch’s motivated scribblers and calumnists.

It is therefore not really surprising that, to a man and a woman, NewsCorpse employees lined up this past week to eulogise the cartoonist Bill Leak and to condemn anyone who dared utter a disparaging word about him.

According to Kenny, anyone who dared to make a joke at Leak’s expense was to be roundly condemned and hounded for speaking out of turn. So much for free speech — which at The Australian is only (white) skin-deep.

To make matters worse, The Australian and other Murdoch outlets hinted darkly that Leak’s demise was the result of him being bullied and pursued by the Australian Human Rights Commission. One celebrating mourner it a service for Leak even carried a homemade ‘WANTED’ poster with Gillian Triggs name on it, suggesting she was personally responsible for BLeak’s demise.

As usual, to make such a vile accusation half-plausible it had to be covered in mistruths, unreliable imputations and plain misleading language by NewsCorpse scribes. Leak’s supporters among the Murdoch rat pack muttered and buttered openly about the role of Gillian Triggs in causing Leak’s untimely death.

It was implied that Leak’s heart attack was brought on by the pressure he had been put under recently by the so-called “racist cartoon” cases that were before the AHRC until recently. But we should be absolutely clear, it was NewsCorpse that brought all of this pressure to bear on Leak.

It was NewsCorpse that martryred BLeak by making him their poster boy for a campaign to make it easier for bigotry and racism to gain a hold in our public discourse.

Leak was always the Murdoch camp’s useful idiot in this drawn-out and ultimately unsuccessful case. It was the NewsCorpse editorial management who upped the ante on a daily basis in this case. It was NewsCorpse lawyers who provided documents to Hedley Thomas to write up the case, week-after-week.

It was NewsCorpse that broke protocol and published details of the complainants. It was NewsCorpse that kept this issue in the spotlight for months and imposed on Leak the arduous task of having to prepare a lengthy defence statement.

It was Leak’s legal team that prolonged the agony for Leak, by not putting forward the section 18D defence of artistic licence and fair comment.

No, the Left didn’t kill Bill Leak, it was an unfortunate heart attack. Any pressure that Leak was under that may have increased his stress levels and put him at risk was the result of his own actions and those of his employer, not those of his detractors.

First published on Independent Australia

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