Am I paranoid?

The last time I visited those great United States, in September 2008, I flew all the way from LA to NYC with a couple of stops on the way and didn’t really have too much trouble. The time before that in 2007 the locks on my bags were broken open by the Transport Safety Authority and Moac & I had to de-shoe in St Louis one time.

But on my way out of the US in the first week of October 2008 – British Airways to London – I was told that my name had appeared on a US Government “watch list”.

Nothing came of it really. I was allowed to travel and the woman who told me really played it down.

But today I got a notification that the United States Embassy in Wellington is following my blog via Twitter.

USA out of my Tweets

I  sent a polite message asking why the embassy wants to follow me and also seeking to know who the embassy staffer is who’s charged with keeping tabs on my blog.

I will block them tomorrow  if they don’t reply.

Am I paranoid?

I really am egotistical enough to think my words are pearls**, but unless there’s some closet radical working in the Embassy mailroom, I don’t think my brand of commentary would be to the Ambassador’s tastes.

This unwelcome attention comes on the first business day after I published my post supporting the Waihopai three.

We should all be self-aware enough to know that our electronic lives are not secure or private, but I do find this a little weird and sinister.

**Dribblejaws alert: That’s a joke, calm down

6 Responses to Am I paranoid?

  1. Kat Saunders says:


  2. rob says:

    Just because you’re not, doesn’t mean…yada, yada, yada…

    And a big friendly shout out, kia ora and g’day to the *ahem* “cultural attaches” at our respective friendly embassies…absolutely loved the movie ‘Rendition’ – you guys rock!

  3. Medusa says:

    Coincidence? Hmmm, I think not EM.

    Not sure “they” like you so much when you show your angry and noisy side about rights, decisions, etc. You must be in the “far too vocal” category or simply a VIP to them, congratulations!

  4. Susan Scalise says:

    The first time I met you you had on a ring made from a B52 bomber….would suggest the USA have been watching you for years Martin

  5. Cnr Joe says:

    So yr Waihopai post got the antennae twitching huh?
    Waihopai Waihopai Waihopai

  6. Josh says:

    Well done Martin, you must be doing something right!

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